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A Uniform Project for charity!

In the month of November, some kids from NTU ADM Viscomm embarked on a month long fashion inspired project, all for the good cause of charity! The Viscom Uniform Project, VC:UP, was largely inspired by the wonderful Sheena from the Uniform Project.

So, everyone picks 1-3 items, and wears them in different outfits for 30 days! Fashion & sustainability isn't mutually exclusive, that's what VC:UP is about!!


The project is pledged to The Breadline Group. To make a simple donation, please go here.

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For more, go to Viscom + Uniform Project = ♥

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What I Wore Today - Civic (Canberra City, Australia)

Top: Topshop Sheer T-shirt
Bottom: Forever21 Pleated Chiffon Skirt
Outerwear: Miss Selfridge Puffed-Sleeved Cardigan
Accessories: Sportsgirl white Tweed Fedora
Shoes: Fuschia Madrids by Birkenstocks



hope this isn't too much of a spam! haven't posted here in ages but i've been keeping daily records of my outfits, hence the accumulation!

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i'm aware i go terribly wrong with my outfits sometimes... i tend towards strange interpretations, which i'm working on assimilating! do drop by JAYX-ANNE.POSTEROUS - it's my (literal) "drop thought space"! In it I archive my daily outfits so I could trace my progress (if any), + I collect bits & pieces of style inspiration, craft DIYs, & funny artwork from all over the internet! :D

Have a good weekend!
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Negro, please.

I'm yoko, i'm a uk 12 and it's really hard to look thin unless you pile on the black. So excuse the darkness in this post thanks lol.

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BTW , does anyone know where to get good quality drape-y cardigans? The one I just bought from f21 is cui-ing in a horrible way =/